History of CAPRON

2005, July
Foundation of CAPRON GmbH as a joint venture of Hymer AG and Dethleffs GmbH & Co. KG
2005, October
Buying of the former agricultural machinery plant in Neustadt/Sachsen and acquisition of the production buildings
2006, November
Beginning of the campervan and caravan production
2009, June
Introducing the Fiat Ducato as basic vehicle for our motorcaravans
2013, January
DCC-Safety-Award for Carado
2013, August
CARADO and SUNLIGHT win "König Kunde Award"
2013, November
CAPRON is appointed 1st Regional Ambassador of the rural district »Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge«
2014, March
Laying of the foundation stone for the expansion of production
2014, August
CARADO and SUNLIGHT win repeated „König Kunde Award“
2015, April
CAPRON takes a second production line in use
2016, August
CARADO and SUNLIGHT win repeated „König Kunde Award“
2016, August
CAPRON now exclusively produces Motorhomes
2016, September
Commissioning of a second press line
2017, August
CARADO win repeated „König Kunde Award“
2018, September
Completion and commissioning of a new logistics hall
2018, December
Official opening of a new independent, production site for furniture parts on the factory premises
2018, December
Inauguration of a new, modern trainings Centre
2020, January
The CARADO van series receives the DCC safety award
2021, February
CARADO and SUNLIGHT are once again named winners of the "König Kunde Award”
2021, February
CAPRON is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
2022, June
Production of the 100.000. vehicle at CAPRON
2022, September
CAPRON is recognized by the IHK Dresden as an exemplary training company
2023, March
Handover of a mobile home to the Tourismusverband Sächsische Schweiz e.V. for use as mobile tourist information